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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat, drink or talk on my cell phone in the Library?

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Lisle Campus

Food and beverages are not allowed in the lower level of the Library. There is a table located outside the Library entrance in the lower level of Kindlon Hall where you can temporarily leave food and beverages.

Food and beverages are allowed on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Library as long as these guidelines are followed:

  • All beverages must be in containers with secure lids or caps.
  • Personal servings of snack foods are allowed in covered, sealed containers. 
  • Full meals and take-out are not allowed.
  • All wrappers, cups and containers should be taken with you or discarded in appropriate trash containers when you leave. Clean up any spills or messes.

If inappropriate items are brought into the Library, the Library staff will ask you to remove them. 

Cell phones should be turned off or set to low or non-audible signals. Taking or placing calls is only allowed in the stairwells or outside of the Library.

For more information, see the Library's Food, Beverage and Noise Policy.

Mesa Campus

Food and beverages are allowed. Taking or placing calls is allowed.