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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I print? How much does it cost? Can I print double-sided (duplex)? Can I print in color?

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Lisle Campus

There are 2 printers on Kindlon 3rd Floor, one of which prints in color. There is also 1 printer on Kindlon 2nd Floor and another in Kindlon Library Lower Level. The default is two sided printing.

Students are allotted $50.00 per semester for printing, which equates to 500 black and white double-sided pages. When you print to a campus printer, the cost of your print job is automatically deducted from your PaperCut account. If you exceed the $50 allotment, you can add money to your account. Go to Account Login page, click on PaperCut Account Management and follow the prompts.

Printing Rates:

  • Black and white, double-sided - $0.07

  • Black and white, single-sided - $0.10

  • Color, double-sided - $0.20

  • Color, single-sided - $0.25

There is a simple scan station on the Lower Level of Kindlon. The scan can be saved to Google Docs, thumb drives, or sent to any email address.

Mesa Campus

There is a printer in the Library space on the first floor of Gillett Hall.