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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I print? How much does it cost? Can I print double-sided (duplex)? Can I print in color?

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Lisle Campus

There are 2 printers on Kindlon 3rd Floor, one of which prints in color. There is also 1 printer on Kindlon level 2 and another in Kindlon Library Lower Level. The default is two sided printing.

Students are allotted $35.00 per semester for printing, which equates to 500 black and white double-sided pages. When you print to a campus printer, the cost of your print job is automatically deducted from your PaperCut account. If you exceed the $35 allotment, you can add money to your account. Go to Account Login page, click on PaperCut Account Management and follow the prompts.

Printing Rates:

  • Black and white, double-sided - $0.07

  • Black and white, single-sided - $0.10

  • Color, double-sided - $0.20

  • Color, single-sided - $0.25

There is a simple scan station on the Lower Level of Kindlon. The scan can be saved to Google Docs, thumb drives, or sent to any email address.

Mesa Campus

There is a printer in the Library space on the first floor of Gillett Hall.

Springfield Campus

There is one printer in the Library. Students are not charged for printing at this time. For public users and alumni, there is a $0.10 printing charge per piece of paper (either single-sided or double-sided).

Computers are set to print double-sided by default. To print one-sided, go to Print on the Print screen and click 1 sided book. Click OK and then Print.

The Library does not have a color printer. Please consult with librarians on staff to arrange for color printing.